Integrated Rating System (SNI)

African Credit Bureau

SNI is an application that mainly performs the financial rating of a company – applying for credit – based on its financial data from the BALANCE SHEET and the INCOME STATEMENT. The financial data is loaded into the application either through an EXCEL template or via a dedicated interface and the resulting financial rating is performed on key financial ratios.


  • Financial rating
  • Qualitative rating
  • Guarantee rating
  • Sector analysis
  • Commitment portfolio analysis
  • Events database

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Financial Rating

  • Rating model based on a sample of +650 Ivorian companies
  • Determination of the risk level of each counterparty based on the default rates actually observed
  • Assignment of a rating based on the selection of discriminating criteria among more than 200 tested criteria
  • Taking into account Basel 2 requirements (risk class, human intervention, definition of default)

Sector Analysis

The sector analysis module allows you to compare the company’s financial performance to that of its peers:

  • Financial analysis of profitability, debt, liquidity and solvency ratios
  • Financial benchmarking of companies by sector of activity from a database of 25,000 companies

Qualitative Rating

Qualitative rating of the company based on several criteria:

  • Management history
  • Length of time the client has been with the bank
  • Legal organization
  • Shareholding
  • History of activity
  • Reliability of accounting documents
  • External and internal environment
  • Filing agreement

Commitment Portfolio Analysis

SNI enables you to generate:

  • An analysis of payment incidents under 30 days/ between 30 and 90 days/ over 90 days
  • An analysis of commitments broken down by business sector / loan type / maturity / interest rate / company category / company size

Guarantee Rating

Guarantee rating based on an analysis of all guarantees related to the loan:

  • Type of commitment
  • Mortgage
  • Pledge
  • Guarantee
  • Bank guarantee
  • Delegation of insurance

Events Database

The Events database enables you to consult in one click the legal and social news of the company:

  • Legal disputes for various reasons (non-payment of debts, non-compliance with statutory texts, abusive levies, non-compliance with credit agreement clauses)
  • Legal announcements (company incorporation, liquidation, dissolution, capital decrease, transfer/sale/merger, modification of the corporate purpose, appointments)


Banking Reporting Automation - BCEAO

Our tool helps you to automate the mandatory reporting to the regulator from a mapping of the required data made upstream

Credit risk and portfolio management

Integrate, on demand, the portfolio management module to have a 360° view of your credit portfolio (by extraction from core banking) from structuring to stress tests

Electronic Signature

You can activate the option of editing loan contracts in the application and the integration of the electronic signature in order to digitize the file approval process


Benefit, on demand, from a workflow for processing your credit analysis files

Loan simulator

Benefit, on demand, from an interest calculation and loan simulation tool in order to facilitate the loan decision


SNI has core functionality developed with Artificial Intelligence and RPA (Robotic Process Automation). For example, the consideration of analyst rating adjustments for subsequent ratings.
To go further, we offer the following advanced features:

  • Behavioral Scoring – AI-based forecasting – Push offers
  • Alerts on already rated companies

The stakes and importance of the SNI (African Credit Bureau) application

Banks are engaged in a process of upgrading to Basel 2 / Basel 3 with profound impacts on:

  • Global organization (business and IS)
  • Governance and risk assessment
  • Reporting and communication

In the context of risk assessment, one of the constraints is the implementation of an internal rating tool capable of providing:

  1. A stable and complete risk measurement
  2. A credit pricing system aligned with the level of risk
  3. A regular and efficient monitoring of the commitment portfolio and the various protections
  4. An internal weighting system to estimate the level of regulatory capital in line with exposures (IRB foundation or IRB advanced)

The SNI (Integrated Rating System) is part of the tools required for the transition to Basel 2 / Basel 3 imposed by the BCEAO, but also constitutes a comparative advantage in a very competitive banking environment, which is characterized in particular by profound transformations of banks’ information systems.

The SNI can be customized to the needs and realities of each bank within the limits of regulatory requirements and technical constraints.

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Focus on financial rating

The proposed financial rating is based on a set of statistical principles (sampling, modeling, testing, etc.) and business assumptions (choice of pools, number of risk classes, calibration of contributions) that should be shared.


  • More than 650 Ivorian companies observed over a 5-year period
  • Default is observed after 90 days of unpaid invoices
  • The model was built essentially on the basis of the balance sheet and the income statement (SYSCOHADA’s Normal and Simplified Private Accounting System)

Measurement of the probability of default

The internal rating indicates a default rate observed on the sample at 1 year which will allow the bank to :

  • Choose to lend or not to lend according to its risk appetite and its credit policy
  • Rate the cost of the loan in relation to the guarantees offered.

Sector analysis

  • Each company is evaluated in relation to the average performance achieved in its sector of activity.
  • The choice of the sector is left to the discretion of the analyst who can opt for the classification level of his choice (branch, activity, product or sub-product)

"It's great that the SNI application can be customized to the needs and realities of our banking institution within the limits of regulatory requirements and technical constraints."

– Client

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