OnPoint Digital Africa Products

Our products have been developed using feedback from managers across industries to provide you with best in class, flexible, and easy to use applications to run your business

We develop applications to help you manage your business and deliver results to your customers

We develop products to meet your current needs and those of tomorrow. Whether you are searching for a full Suite of tools or individual applications, we have a solution for you. Our tools are fully-integrated and adapt to your business needs. We help you systematize your processes and data flow so you can focus on growing your company.

Applications built for you

Automate your workflows. Collaborate across departments. Obtain timely reports.

Credit Factory

Credit Factory is an application for the 360° automation of the granting and management of credit.

OBC Suite

Everything you need to reduce manual tasks, expedite planning, and improve communication across departments.

OBC Suite gives you a full set of ERP modules to integrate data and improve productivity in your enterprise. Connect multiple applications or select the module that best fits the needs of your organization. 

SNI (African Credit Bureau)

SNI is an application that mainly performs the financial rating of a company – applying for credit – based on its financial data from the BALANCE SHEET and the INCOME STATEMENT. The financial data is loaded into the application either through an EXCEL template or via a dedicated interface and the resulting financial rating is performed on key financial ratios.

We develop Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions to help enterprises improve operations, spur innovation, and establish an agile digital culture across their organization.

OnPoint Africa Group is a leading management, strategy and investment consulting firm in sub-Saharan Africa.