OBC Suite

Automate your business processes and drive performance within your organization

Everything you need to reduce manual tasks, expedite planning, and improve communication across departments

OBC Suite gives you a full set of ERP modules to integrate data and improve productivity in your enterprise. Connect multiple applications or select the module that best fits the needs of your organization. 


  • Multi-tenancy
  • Cloud hosting
  • Subscription-based
  • Integrated applications
  • Real time reporting and dashboards

Automate. Integrate. Optimize Performance.


Application that enables you to manage your finances and control your cash flow.


Application that enables you to track expenses and process payments.

Human Resources

Application that enables you to centralize, HR data, save time and money.


Application that enables you to collaborate, and achieve results.


Application that enables you to manage and track your business process.

Build a Stronger Organization

The integrated applications are user friendly

  • Finance – With more visibility into outstanding payments and client invoices , you can better manage your cash flow
  • Billing – Track, classify and bill your customers from a single tool
  • Reporting – Improve strategic decision making with real time automated reporting across your organization
  • Procurement – Increase transparency in your procurement process, track process from initial bid, contracting to final deliverable
  • Stock Management – Track inventory in real time and monitor movements in all company warehouses

Managing your organization’s data shouldn’t take up all your time. Let OBC do the work and focus your teams on what matters.

"We have significantly reduced the amount of time to look for information, share data and produce our weekly reports since we have started to use OBC Suite."


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